Suzanne Parnell
StoneWind Founder

In 1961 on a dare from college friends , Suzanne Parnell ventured into an ashram in Dallas, Texas where she was taught how to meditate—and introduced to a whole new way of seeing the world. What began as a college prank became a life changing event, an experience that whetted her curiousity and sent her on a lifelong journey to discover the thruths held in other cultures. In the ten years following that first experience, she explored several forms of meditation, spent time in a Zendo, journied to India to see first hand the practices of yogis, then studied with a Tibetan lama. In 1972 she learned Transcendental Meditation (TM®), the form of meditation that has received the most widespread scientific recognition for its beneficial effects on the body, a form that continues to be part of her personal practice.

Over the last forty-five years, Suzanne has studied more than fifteen forms of meditation in multiple cultures and become a serious student of Eastern and indigenous mysticism. She has learned methods of chi healing as well as other forms of energy healing, has studied the emerging fields of subtle energy science and mind body medicine, and been trained in some of the uniquely western technologies developed to help people realize more quickly the ancient goals of calm centeredness and health. As a scholar and teacher she works to merge her knowledge of the most powerful healing skills from across the world into a usable synthesis that can be accessed by anyone no matter their belief system.

Suzanne has been a Reiki practitioner since 1992, a Reiki Master since 1996, a Johrei Pracitioner since 1997, and a Certified DreamWeaver® Facilitator since 1998. She holds Reiki mastership from John Harvey Gray, one of the twenty-one masters trained by Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought Reiki from Japan to the West. She has made Qigong (Chi Kung) part of her personal daily practice for the last eighteen years and since 1996 has worked with Indigenous Elders in North and South America to combine Reiki with shamanic wisdom to develop more effective tools for helping people and the Earth.

Suzannne Parnell holds a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature from Tulane University with specialization in palæography (the study of handwritten manuscripts), in particular medieval scientific and medical manuscripts. She has written and taught extensively on aspects of healing with subtle energy and over the last fourteen years has worked with Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans using Reiki, Meditation, Johrei, and the DreamWeaver. Suzanne teaches classes in Traditional Reiki, Meditation, Earth Healing, and aspects of advanced energy healing. She offers individual Reiki and DreamWeaver sessions by appointment at StoneWind Institute for Mind Body Medicine in Chester, AR. She has trained several Masters in different parts of the country, is the founder of Warrior's Way Foundation, and one of the founders of The Traditional Reiki Institute.

Suzanne can be reached at
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