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To Our Visitors:

Thank you for stopping by. This is the virtual home of the community of Reiki practitioners trained through the Ajna Center for Reiki and at StoneWind Institute--and a place of welcome for those in the Reiki lineage of Beth Gray, and John Harvey and Lourdes Gray. Ajna Center has now moved operations to StoneWind Institute for Mind Body Medicine in Chester, AR.

Our new teaching space is StoneWind's elegant 1600sf East Room, with panoramic views of the mountains and complete facilities for any type of class. The new space with its beautiful and energetic surroundings allows me to offer classes and healing retreats to visitors from Arkansas and elsewhere in a beautiful and peaceful setting more conducive to learning and healing. StoneWind Institute's web site has information on philosophy, offerings, and future plans, and there is a new Calendar listing 2018 class offerings. Expanded information, new classes and Special Events are added regularly, so be sure to check regularly.

Energy in Synergy and BioConsciousness Studies
New Approaches to Learning/Healing at StoneWind Institute

StoneWind Institute now offers an array of new classes in subtle energy science as well as workshops on subjects not taught at Ajna Center before--all with a central focus on healing with Energy and Intent that we call the Energy in Synergy™. In the last twenty years my work with those suffering from chronic and life threatening illnesses, and with those who were dying, has given me an expanded understanding of the varied and complex contexts out of which illness arises and of the energetic synergy needed for healing. The concept of Synergy Healing comes out of those experiences coupled with my long standing interest in cross-cultural healing methods. Simply put, each of the most powerful of the holistic modalities, the best of the best, are even more effective together--used in synergy--than any one modality is when used alone. Understanding how that synergy of effect is created, and which modalities to combine, is the core of  our appproach in Energy in Synergy™ and BioConsciousness™ Studies.

There is no "new" modality here, no newly discovered magic bullet, and it will come as no surprise to my students that Traditional Reiki, Qigong, and Meditation are still the modalities I consider essential to healing anything. The "new" is a matter of emphasis, application, and the inclusion of other highly effective modalities in an organized approach to healing (Context Synergy Healing), that combines training in Reiki, Meditation, Qigong (Chi Kung), Johrei, and BioConciousness Studies, with applications of the DreamWeaver™ and other ancient/modern modalities and modern technologies. By seeing illness and wellness from a context perspective, and healing in terms of integrated approaches with synergistic effect, we will be able to apply the principles of Mind Body Medicine in a structured approach to "healing through Intent."

From the synthesis of multiple healing arts, the creative merging of old and new traditions of healing from around the world, emerges a healing synergy, or a unique combination of healing skills more effective together than any one method is alone. My goal at StoneWind is to help us all really believe everything we know, then build from there to know, believe, and use even more so we can move theory into practice, information into application quickly and effectively.

Training in the various modalities that are part of our approach is available at StoneWind in formats designed to meet individual needs. For those with serious health challenges, there will be wellness intensives to jump start healing. For those focused on health maintenance, for practitioners wishing to expand their expertise, and for the uninsured or underinsured needing alternative health care packages, the courses will provide a range of configurations to meet interest and need. For those of you who have studied with me in the past, the new material may fill gaps in your energy awareness or provide a more coherent overview of all that you already know. For all of us, there will be new "ahha" experiences, new levels of healing, and new joy in growth since that is the nature of synthesis and synergy. For more information see "What We Do" on the new web site.

So "Enjoy," and we hope to see you soon.

Suzanne Parnell, Ph.D., RM


StoneWind Institute